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Publish Date: August 10, 2018

How To Outfit Your Dorm Room Like A Pro

The new semester is coming closer and the shopping list for furnishing your new student digs is growing longer and longer. The biggest problem? Being a student means being on a tight budget! You can’t afford to blow your student loan outfitting your new apartment when you also have that long reading list to pay for. Luckily, your local Goodwill store has all the supplies to get you #backtoschool within budget.

To outfit your new dorm room here is your essential guide to thrifting like a pro at Goodwill.

  1. Start with the kitchen

You can get yourself a whole matching set of plates and dishes if that’s your style, or you can choose to mix and match it. Either way, you’ll be getting bulk for a bargain when it comes to pans, cups, and glasses (and anything else you can imagine for the kitchen). So, while you’re getting to know your new neighbors, you won’t need to worry about a plate getting chipped or someone borrowing your bowl for their cereal!
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  1. Get the gadgets

The cost of kitchen appliances can add up when you’re filling a new place from scratch. Goodwill always has a range of small kitchen appliances from the standard toasters and kettles to the more exciting popcorn machines and waffle makers. What better way to become everyone’s best friend than by owning a coffee maker and cooking waffles for breakfast?!
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  1. Fuel up on coffee

Speaking of coffee, we’ve got that sorted as well. All that late night studying will get you gasping for a cup of joe in the morning. Whether you’re a traditional French press person or prefer a filter coffee machine, you’ll never need to be decaffeinated again. Making your own coffee will help you avoid spending your entire income at Starbucks, so don’t forget to pick up a reusable coffee flask as well for making a cup to go!
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  1. Add home comforts

Dorm rooms should have all the basics you need, but sometimes they are in desperate need of a revamp. It can be as simple as adding a patterned throw for your bed or using cushions or vases to add a splash of color. You can find something unique at Goodwill to show your personality.
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  1. Maximise your storage

That common problem: you have too much ‘stuff’ to fit into your new place and definitely can’t squeeze all your clothes into that tiny closet. Picking up second-hand furniture like shoe racks, bookshelves or a chest of drawers is a cheap way to create a bit more storage space.
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Pick up everything you need to head #backtoschool this semester, at Goodwill. While you’re clearing out your room at home, don’t forget to bring any unwanted clothing and other donations to drop off when you visit our store.


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