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Publish Date: October 12, 2017

Samantha Peters: I Am Able to Work

Edmonton- Samantha Peters, 25 has been working at the Goodwill Manning store for about four years.  “It means a lot,” said Samantha regarding having a job. “I’m more confident when I socialize”, added Samantha.

“I do the fitting room pretty well, I put shoes away, count items, and open fitting rooms,” said Samantha. She tried different roles in the store but she liked taking care of the fitting rooms the most.

Samantha went through Goodwill’s Power of Work career training program before getting her job at the Manning store. “I like to get to know people, and to get to know everybody at work,” said Samantha.

Samantha asked to be part of Goodwill’s “I Am Able to Work” campaign marking Disability Employment Awareness Month because she wanted to inspire other kids and be a role model.  “I think it’s really important to raise awareness because kids still in school can watch and will have an idea what their future looks like,” she said.

“ I think about that there wasn’t much out there when I was in school, there were resources but I didn’t see these images and videos,” added Samantha. Samantha has been sharing the videos and stories of other Goodwill employees and Power of Work participants who took part in “I Am Able to Work” campaign on social media.

Samantha enjoys spending the money she earns on a lot of activities.  “I go to a lot of concerts my last one was Demi Lovato, and I surf,” said Samantha.



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