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Publish Date: March 23, 2020

Please HOLD ON to your donations!

With the current situation regarding COVID-19 and public health and safety, Goodwill Industries of Alberta has decided to temporarily close their retail locations and donation centres. In doing so, the organization is protecting the health and well-being of staff, volunteers, donors and shoppers.

By temporarily closing our locations, this means our organization is currently not seeking any donations. We understand people are in the midst of spring cleaning, and while working from home, they may be re-organizing their house, apartment, closets or home office space, and we are encouraging you to do so! However, we are urging the public to HOLD ON to their donations until after our organization is back in operation.

Goodwill does not have the staff or resources in place during this current global climate to handle any donations. Together we have to change and adapt our routines as necessary to combat COVID-19.

This is a temporary measure to ensure we continue to look out for our staff, people who frequent Goodwill and people with disabilities.

President and CEO, Dale Monaghan understands the current shift in habits will be difficult, but do-able as Goodwill looks forward to your support once this pandemic is handled accordingly.

“Goodwill is strong. Goodwill be here today, tomorrow and into the future to champion career development and environment stewardship, as well as supporting our team, our clients with disabilities, our shoppers and our donors.”

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