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Publish Date: August 13, 2021

Celebrating 40 years at Goodwill

A Feel Good Moment

The Mayor of Goodwill

Edmonton, AB (August 10, 2021) – Known as the Mayor of Goodwill, Andre Molik began his journey at Goodwill as an apprentice in 1979. Two years later in 1981, he officially became an employee. On Wednesday August 11, 2021, Andre, will celebrate 40 years with an organization that has given him an opportunity through the power of work.

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To see Andre’s story please visit:

Born with cerebral palsy and a learning disability, Andre has succeeded and has made a tremendous impact at Goodwill within the Goodwill @ Work and Commercial Services division.

“I love what this company does for people with disabilities,” says Andre.

“I love it, I don’t want to leave. It’s just an amazing place to work for!”

To view coverage of Andre on Global News Edmonton please visit:


Starting out on the Goodwill assembly lines, putting together bingo cards, fixing bicycles and other various workshop related activities, Andre has elevated his craftmanship to support Goodwill’s Cleaning Cloths and Telus Netco wires at Commercial Services.

There is no quit in Andre and he looks forward to celebrating 40 MORE years at Goodwill.

Good luck Andre and congratulations!

Since 1963, Goodwill has become one of the largest employers of people with disabilities in Alberta. Approximately  30% of the workforce has a disability. This is a commitment to enhancing people’s lives through meaningful employment.

For more on Commercial Services please visit:

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