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Publish Date: July 24, 2019

The Goodwill Pop-Up Shop Experience

You are scrolling through Instagram and Goodwill posts a photo about a pop-up shop in your area. The intrigue sets in. You’ve been to the Goodwill stores before but this Goodwill Pop-Up Shop is something new, something different. Something you have never been to. Your cheeks begin to swell as your lips and mouth begin to form into a tiny ‘u’ shape.

IMG 20190711 WA0001

Under a big blue tent, a familiar face is smiling at you, welcoming you. The first thing you notice is the cutest summer dress paired with some strappy heels and small purse and sunglasses. It’s something you’ve wanted for a long time. Suddenly, you see a picnic basket, but not just the basket. It is a whole picnic set, complete with a blanket, glasses and plates. This is perfect for your family’s next outing and the ‘u’ shape on your face begins to grow into a wonderful smile.

IMG 20190705 WA0000

A sparkle catches your eye. It’s a colourful box full of jewelry pieces. There are bangles, bracelets, long pendants and short charm necklaces. You find the perfect one to match that blouse you have at home.

After you have collected your new finds, the thirst sets in. Not for tea, but for a social gathering. Surprisingly enough, a beautiful Japanese tea set is sitting right in front of you that would look perfect in your kitchen den and become a showpiece for your when your friends and family come for a visit.

IMG 20190715 WA0001

A friendly face, wearing items they have found at Goodwill asks if you need a hand and you gladly purchase your items knowing that 89 cents of every dollar you’ve spent goes towards programs that help Albertans' with disabilities find and gain meaningful employment.

On your way out you see how Goodwill also cares about the environment by diverting waste from the landfill. You didn’t even know they made such amazing environmental efforts in recycling. Your smile widens, as you leave not only with a bag full of ‘new to you’ items, knowing that you made a difference today in more ways than one.


Courtesy of Liam Maxwell

Goodwill Industries of Alberta Contributor

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